“Jazz trumpet player Bert Joris (Belgium, 1957) put Flemish/Belgian jazz on the map and his name is bracketed with other national jazz legends like Toots Thielemans and Philip Catherine as well as other well-known contemporary trumpet players. Joris has not only built up a solid reputation as an improvisor but also as a composer, arranger and teacher. His compositions are played by orchestras from all over the world and the name Bert Joris has become a style and a brand. A big part of the recognition for his work he owes to his receptiveness towards other expressions of art. Though his film scores and works for symphony orchestras are of an exceptionally high level, Bert Joris remains himself: recognizable, personal and always with a blue note.”



Smooth Shake – released on 6/12/2016

Smooth Shake is the latest album of Bert Joris and Brussels Jazz Orchestra. It features Berts latest compositions & arrangements for jazz orchestra and as principal soloist.
The album was released on WERF records.
You can order Smooth Shake here.

Track list:

  1. O.U.T. 07:27
  2. Smooth Shake 08:25
  3. Only for the Honest 06:27
  4. Brussel – Parijs 07:44
  5. Spaces 06:56
  6. How could we forget 08:22
  7. Mr. Dado 08:47
  8. Nasty Boy 08:08
  9. Smooth Shake – radio edit 04:57

All compositions and arrangements by Bert Joris except Brussel – Parijs, composed by Dree Pallemaerts – arranged by Bert Joris.

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